2024 Summit on Drone Geophysics

2024 Summit on Drone Geophysics

28 octobre 2024

en distanciel

2024 Summit on Drone Geophysics, 28–31 October 2024, Virtual

2024 Summit on Drone Geophysics

The 2024 SEG Summit on Drone Geophysics will feature the latest science and innovation on the integration of drones into geophysical studies through a four-day, online international conference.

Attendees will:

  • Connect with leaders in the development and use of drones for geophysics;
  • Learn about recent advances in a wide range of drone geophysical sensor technology and scientific methods, including magnetic, electromagnetic, ground-penetrating radar, and seismic; and
  • Network with colleagues from around the globe to share information and meet potential new collaborators. 

In the last several years, drones (or small uncrewed aircraft systems, sUAS) have evolved from a novel idea to a fundamental tool in the geosciences. The workshop will provide attendees with an overview of sUAS state-of-the-art for real-world geophysical studies as well as insights into developments, trends, and issues impacting this rapidly growing field. The summit provides a valuable, interactive learning and networking opportunity for geophysics professionals at all stages of this work, whether you are already using drone-deployed geophysical sensors or just starting to explore how these technologies can help you meet your scientific mission. The event will include scientific talks, panels, community discussions, and more. Participants will include professionals from industry, academia, and government, and students are also invited.
The 2024 Summit on Drone Geophysics is our fifth annual multi-day online meeting. Originating as a daylong event at the end of the annual SEG meeting, the continued expansion of the event content and participation reflects the growing interest and demand for these new tools and technologies. For geophysical professionals, this is a premier opportunity to get the latest updates in a dynamic field where the science, sensors, aircraft platforms, and regulatory framework continue to undergo rapid change and evolution.


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